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We are really glad you are here!

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Deck The Halls!

Its time to deck the halls as we decorate the church with live poinsettias! The poinsettias come in a 6…
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Game Night

Game night is on March 23 from 4:00-7:00. Pizza, games, fun for the whole family! Roger Rexroad, Childrens Ministries

CCF Sunday Teachings

What is CCF about?


    We seek glorify our Lord at all times!


    Worship is giving praise to God and glorifying Him in all we do.

    At CCF we take worship very seriously. Not because it is something we have to do or is just another part of Sunday morning but rather because it is at the core of our relationship with God. It is our reaction to a God that is Holy, a God that is amazing and a God that has shown us mercy and grace and love beyond comprehension!


    Service Is Our Response To His Mercy

    Service is active worship. Serve

    Our worship is more than just songs and an emotional experience. Our worship is 24/7/365. It not only comes from our lips but also from our hands and from loving and serving others just as He has loved us. Service, just as Worship is not something to turn on and off or for a particular time and place. We worship God by how we choose to live our lives. We worship Him by serving Him and those around us not because we have to but as our response to Him and His love for us.

  • GROW


    Bearing fruit.Grow

    During our time together on Sunday mornings our two of main goals are to worship and to grow.

    Each Sunday we read and teach the Bible; God’s personal message for us! We teach the Bible weekly chapter by chapter and verse by verse with the same frequency and emphasis that God gave His Word to us. In doing so we strive to keep our teaching in context and we can better hear God speak about the things that are on God’s mind when He gave us His Word and not just the pastor’s topics and agendas. Don’t just listen to what the pastor says. Listen to the Word exactly as God has given it to us and hear for yourself what God is saying.


    A Place To Belong

    Welcome home!Belong

    Small groups are where we can come together to pray, worship, serve, study His Word and encourage each other. A place we get to know each other,
    develop friendships and be challenged. A place for us to belong and to share our gifts, talents and blessings with others. A place to ask questions, laugh together, share what God is doing in our lives, to eat together and a place to serve each other and those in our community. Small groups at CCF are a place where you
    can belong!

Connect at CCF What are you waiting for?

There are tons of ways to jump right in at CCF and get involved and meet others. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for you at CCF!

Don’t forget to bring your Operation Christmas Child boxes 11/16/14!

Erin Cress

The Sunday before Thanksgiving we will have the Angel Tree families to choose from so you can shop during the sales!

Contact me at shortsville1@comcast.net with any questions!

Tammy Short

Game night is on March 23 from 4:00-7:00. Pizza, games, fun for the whole family!

Roger Rexroad, Childrens Ministries